Introduction to Mindfulness workshop

Mindfulness is becoming an increasingly popular way to help you maintain a healthy balance in your life.  Understanding and practicing the core principles of Mindfulness can significantly change the way in which we respond to difficult situations and therefore bringing about a calmer and less-stressed day to day experience.

I am really looking forward to teaching my next Introduction to Mindfulness workshop in the lovely setting of West Heath in Sevenoaks, Kent.  On this workshop we will cover the core concepts needed to grasp what Mindfulness is all about and how to apply them in a practice way to your daily life.

I have been teaching Mindfulness for a number of years both to individuals and also in the workplace (I am a trainer for AXA-PPP, helping to reduce stress at work).  I have taught well over 1000 people now, in a way that I believe is straight forward, easy to understand and applies directly to the type of lives that we lead today.  I am also an accredited counsellor/therapist and have written many articles about the benefits of Mindfulness.

Booking is essential on my next workshop which will be on Saturday 20th June from 1.30pm till 4.30pm.

The cost is £45 per person (includes refreshments).

Please get in touch to book your place.



About tanyawright

MBACP Accredited Therapist. Mindfulness trainer at AXAPPP. Women's group therapy for Mind. Women's wellbeing workshops.
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