Mindfulness Courses for Spring 2014

I have been teaching Mindfulness since 2010, and over that time there has been a growing interest for more and more people in this new way of being. I believe that many are now beginning to realise that their busy, fast paced, multi-tasking lives are having a negative impact on their wellbeing. If we are trying to do too much at once, our internal chatter can go in to overdrive and our bodies begin to bear the brunt, resulting in feelings of stress, anxiety or anger. We find we spend a lot of time with our head until we are almost completely disconnected with our body.

Mindfulness invites a new, kinder approach that aims to look at the whole self. Across my 6 week Mindfulness programme you will have the opportunity to begin mindfully noticing your own way of living. You will be able to practice tuning in to your daily routines in a different way and understand your stress, or other overwhelming feelings, in a way that may offer you more choice in how you respond to situations in the future.

Every session also introduces a mindful meditation section which is one of the ways in which you can practice mindfulness.

Courses are held at Sevenoaks Area Mind in St Johns Road, Sevenoaks.

There is a Monday afternoon course 1.30pm til 3pm beginning on 28th April and a Saturday course which runs from 11am til 12.30pm beginning on 10th May.

The cost for the 6 week mindfulness programme is £150 (2 discounted places available for students).

Please contact me tanya@tanyawright.com to book a place.


Tanya Wright is an accredited member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy. Tanya has taught Mindfulness for stress management since 2010 and has taught around 800 people during that period. As well as private tuition, Tanya runs several groups a week for AXA-PPP Healthcare in Tunbridge Wells as part of the employee wellbeing programme.

About tanyawright

MBACP Accredited Therapist. Mindfulness trainer at AXAPPP. Women's group therapy for Mind. Women's wellbeing workshops. www.tanyawright.com
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2 Responses to Mindfulness Courses for Spring 2014

  1. Alexsandra says:

    Hi Tanya, I would like to do the Mindfulness meditation course. Please, let me know when you will be running it.

    • tanyawright says:

      Thanks for your message.

      The next Mindfulness programmes begin in the autumn. I am in the process of putting together the course dates.
      However, I do run weekly classes called a ‘Cup of Calm’ which are purely for meditation and relaxation.
      Wednesday afternoons in Sevenoaks, Kent. Please email me tanya@tanyawright.com and I will email you details and a booking form. There are 4 classes left until we break up for the summer holiday in July. You would be most welcome to join for the remaining classes.
      Best wishes

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