Mindful Meditation for Beginners

Are you interested in the idea of practising meditation but are a little daunted by where to start?

Have you seen all the tranquil pictures of people in the lotus position, looking serene as they sit in a rainforest, or beside a pile of pebbles, fully competent at meditation?

If so, then is this ever so slightly off-putting and perhaps raises the question “is this really for me?”

If you can relate to any of the above, but still find yourself being interested in the idea of meditation then I hope this blog might help you.

I practice ‘mindful meditation’ usually in the form of what is called a ‘body scan’. I prefer the exercise to take place seated in a chair, which provides back support making it much more comfortable. I like to be in a warm and comfortable environment – not a rainforest, or pile of pebbles in sight!

The intent behind a body scan meditation, is to slowly, gently focus your attention on each part of the body. It is a simplistic method, but harder to achieve than you may think. It just takes practice. All of us find that our mind wanders and we start to think of other things instead of keeping our attention on the exercise. The other common obstacle is to become so relaxed that you nod off! If either of these things happen, it’s absolutely fine. You simply bring your attention back to where you intended it to be and carry on.

The results can be beneficial in so many ways. Your stress levels can lower, as well as helping to reduce feelings such as anxiety, anger and nerves. Practising this exercise puts you in a calmer and more balanced place.

I run regular workshops in Kent that introduce you to mindful mediation. The workshop lasts for 2 hours and during that time, I will offer guidance about mindfulness and how it can benefit you. We then do a short meditation exercise to see how you get on. After a cuppa and a chat, we then do a longer body scan meditation exercise. There is time afterwards to talk about any obstacles you experienced and tips on how to practice in your day to day life.

The next workshop is on Saturday 14th September in Sevenoaks from 2pm-4pm. The cost is £25 including refreshments. All are welcome.

Prior booking essential. Please contact me for further details tanya@tanyawright.com


About tanyawright

MBACP Accredited Therapist. Mindfulness trainer at AXAPPP. Women's group therapy for Mind. Women's wellbeing workshops. www.tanyawright.com
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  2. Margarita bartholomew says:

    I would like to register for the meditation session on 14 September in sevenoaks

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