4 week mindfulness and relaxation course for stress reduction

Do you…

…lead a busy life?

…find yourself getting easily stressed or impatient?

…have difficulty setting aside time to de-stress and relax?

If you answering ‘yes’ to the above, then ‘A Cup of Calm’ could be just what you need.

‘A Cup of Calm’ is more than just a weekly relaxation and meditation class. It’s a relaxation and stress reduction plan to practice across four weeks.

Using ‘Mindfulness’ (which I have now taught to almost two hundred people in Kent) I will guide you through the benefits of this popular approach to managing stress and feelings of anxiety. Mindfulness and meditation is proven to alleviate depression and improve wellbeing and health.

Classes are held in a brand new relaxation studio at The Ananda Clinic in Tonbridge. During each session we will practice:

  • Calming mindful meditations
  • Gentle relaxation exercises
  • A variety of re-balancing guided techniques

The first class will be held on Thursday 27th June from 9.45am to 10.30am and run for four consecutive weeks.

The cost is £10 per individual class or £32 for a course of 4 (£8 per session).

Places are strictly limited, so prior booking is essential.

Please contact me to book you place and let operation relaxation begin!



About tanyawright

MBACP Accredited Therapist. Mindfulness trainer at AXAPPP. Women's group therapy for Mind. Women's wellbeing workshops. www.tanyawright.com
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